Expanding WiFi Networks: Thanks to Transceivers Placed on Rental Cars, Buses, Bicycles, Humans

Expanding WiFi Networks: Thanks to Transceivers Placed on Rental Cars, Buses, Bicycles, Humans

Imagine the situation, when we are at our home, with the connection to the Internet and contracted. But we want to make this wireless, providing access to all devices that have WiFi. The solution in these cases is to install a router that has the ability to transmit air. The question is, how can we keep our internet connection, if you’re going to leave home?

For now, all we can do is to have hired a data plan for your mobile phone, or jump from router to router. However, Comcast wants to make this operation much easier. As reported by FierceCable, they want to be mobile WiFi hotspots, making it easy for users. Specifically, the goal is to put transmitters in cars, bicycles, buses, or even people.

The invention is already apparent. Its name is Mobile WiFi Network, and the strategy they have designed is to put dynamic networks that function as access points, providing the necessary connectivity almost anywhere.

The project is one of the recent inventions of Comcast. Rumors say that Verizon Wireless would be working with the company in a joint laboratory. It is also true that we should pay attention to the patent has signed, which is detailed in the 3G and 4G circuits could be used in this system in order to add the WiFi, transmitting data to remote towers.

What the world would look like if you could actually see wi-fi signals
Wi-Fi, the single greatest invention of all time, is the invisible marvel that lets you tweet from the middle of nowhere while your friend Instagrams it. However what if you could see a WiFi signal? Nickolay Lamm, an artist, worked with M. Browning Vogel, a former NASA employee with a Ph.D. in astrobiology, to answer that very question.

WiFi anywhere

In summary, in the case of the use of this new technology, we could get WiFi access anywhere, since it would create thousands of access points that allow Internet users to connect whenever they wanted. The story does not end there, but Comcast plans to offer incentives to those who pay voluntary to transmit the signal. Imagine, for example, the possibility that, if we put a point in our car, get promotions to buy gasoline.

At this point, we can say that the possibilities are endless, as they would have the opportunity to place the WiFi signal at hundreds of locations. Even, we ourselves might extend with our mobile phone.

For now, Comcast has no further explanation about it, but we hope that, in the event that the project goes forward, will arrives to our country. The patent is already registered, so that soon we could get a surprise by the company.

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