Huawei Sees Global Dominance of 4G LTE Technology in 2018

Huawei Sees Global Dominance of 4G LTE Technology in 2018

The increasing demand for broadband and mobile services has obliges the governments to make more spectrum operators available.

Xingang Lu, Huawei vice president of product line GSM, UMT and LTE, said that in the next five years, the world will experience the “golden era” of mobile broadband services, so in 2018 the most countries will have fourth generation networks (4G) LTE technology based, whose main feature is to allow Internet access faster and more efficiently.

Huawei plans 5G network launch by 2020, 100 times faster than 4G
Many countries including the U.K. and China are only just beginning to introduce reliable 4G networks, but Huawei is already steaming ahead with fifth generation technology — and hopes to introduce it commercially within seven years. Huawei, the telecommunications equipment maker has devoted hundreds of engineers to the research and development of such technology.

Currently only 2% of the world population has access to LTE technology and it is estimated that revenue in the mobile market will increase 10% per year, driven by demand for applications and services.

According to Xingang, globally, the deployment of networks for the provision of Long Term Evolution (LTE) make the service operators operating in the market, not the governments.

Huawei’s CEO: The Innovation Journey To 5G And Beyond
While 4G services are still relatively new, Huawei’s R&D teams have been working on developing fifth generation, or 5G, networks for several years with hundreds of engineers working full time on 5G development. We expect that, assuming appropriate spectrum or airwaves can be released, to be able to introduce commercial 5G networks by the year 2020.

“In countries like Norway and Sweden, which are the most advanced in this technology, only government manages and releases spectrum, LTE is a technology that requires a lot of investment and it is companies that can do it,” said Xingang Lu.

In Mexico, the telecommunications reform provides for the installation of a shared public telecommunication network to boost the penetration of broadband services, before the end of 2014 and is in operation before the end of 2018.


Huawei, ZTE win bulk of China Mobile’s $3 billion 4G bonanza

China Mobile Ltd has awarded initial 4G contracts worth around 20 billion yuan ($3.2 billion), with Chinese firms securing more than half of the biggest prize in the global telecoms industry this year and foreign firms winning about a third, industry sources said.

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