Huawei Completes Successful Tests Of HSPA

Huawei Completes Successful Tests Of HSPA

Huawei has completed successful tests of dual carrier-high speed uplink packet access (DC-HSUPA) and dual band-high speed downlink packet access (DB-HSDPA) technologies that achieved respective peak rates of 10.8 Mb/s upload and 39.6 Mb/s download.

“The successful joint test, completed in August this year, marks a breakthrough for the commercial viability of implementing these technologies on UMTS networks worldwide, and should signal a new phase of robust UMTS growth. The type of speeds and signal reliability made possible by these technologies enables further widespread adoption of the mobile apps users love- high-def photo uploads, real-time video chatting on social media, mobile video, and more – wherever they want to use them,” the company said in its statement.


Huawei linked to China deal – Sydney Morning Herald

The former attorney-general, Mark Dreyfus, has warned the new government not to compromise national security for trade, as it pushes ahead with a review of the ban on Huawei’s involvement in building the national broadband network. His comments came as the Chinese telco’s case to pitch for work in the $30 billion-plus high-speed network was helped by the Communications Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, who described the Chinese technology company as a “very credible business”.


Huawei a key to Chinese trade talks

Chinese telecoms company Huawei is set to become a pawn in the controversial free trade agreement (FTA) review between China and Australia. Prime Minister Tony Abbott has made it clear he wants a free trade agreement between the two countries within 12 months. Against this backdrop federal Trade Minister Andrew Robb, who is touring China this week, described free trade talks with China as his ”highest priority”. Given the political tightrope that will need to be walked – both locally and in China – to make it happen, Huawei will play a key role. Huawei opened for business in Australia in 2004, hoping to use the country to improve its image. It didn’t go according to plan.




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