Huawei Began Its Development of 5G Mobile Networks

Huawei Began Its Development of 5G Mobile Networks

The Chinese tech giant, Huawei, is expected a speed for bandwidth in mobile reach 10 Gbps in 2020, and has announced plans to invest 600 million dollars (450 million euros) in the development of 5G technology .

Speaking at the Mobile Broadband Forum, held on Tuesday in London, the company’s executive vice president, Eric Xu, talked about how Huawei is investing in 5G technology with an investment in infrastructure that is expected to help operators more rapidly reach this high-speed mobile connectivity.

“The issue today is the mobile broadband. In this area, we continuously invest in innovation. We started our investment in 5G soon, and in 2009, we have tested our 5G prototype which capable of reaching speeds of 50 Gbps. We want to develop a system that will not fail, that supports up to a billion connections and provides users with speeds up to 10 Gbps. Of course, there are a lot of issues to resolve before you get there. We are committed to helping operators build efficient and integrated systems, that link people to people, people to things, and things to things,” said Xu.

Xu added that once the 5G is available commercially as the possibilities go beyond the imagination.

Speaking earlier this year, the vice president of the European Union, Neelie Kroes, said that we can not continue with legacy systems, needs the 20th century and historically assigned powers. We must focus on our goal, in the digital imperative, and do what it takes to offer’, placing in 2020 the time limit for the 5G in Europe.



Photo Credit: Huawei Press Center

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