Security Systems & Engineers: Ready for 4G?

Security Systems & Engineers: Ready for 4G?

Doubtless we’ve all see those adverts warning that upgrades to mobile phone networks are coming, which could disrupt your television viewing.

Annoying in many respects, but those upgrades are to implement the much vaunted 4G — the newer and faster mobile network that will open up super-fast data transmission speeds to mobile devices.

It’s not just your TV that might be disrupted, though. The new 4G system could be a disruptive force in the security arena — but this time, in a very positive way.

To understand why, it’s worth going back to first principles. The debate over the relevance of IP technology to the fire and security sector is now over, as the possibilities that it offers to clients are self-evident. There’s the ability to review footage remotely and in real-time, better quality imagery from CCTV, as well as the support available from combining systems with Remote Video Receiving Centres, not to mention exciting opportunities from developing fully integrated “smart” systems.

With that in mind, it’s worth reassessing what we do. After all, we’re not just in the business of supplying and installing security products. Many of us are now in the business of creating and transporting digital data. And that’s where 4G starts to matter.

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