LTE TDD: Global Trends And The Directions Of The Evolution Of Technology By Huawei

LTE TDD: Global Trends And The Directions Of The Evolution Of Technology By Huawei

Huawei, a global provider of IT solutions, hosted a meeting on LTE TDD. The conference was attended by representatives of regulators and operators from around the region CEE & Nordic (Central Europe, the Balkans and the Nordic countries). During the meeting, trends in the development of LTE TDD technology and trends in the evolution of global and regional levels were presented. The Huawei experts presented the strategy and vision of the company related to the development of LTE TDD and its potential applications.

The meeting also discussed issues related to availability of radio frequencies for the technology license pricing , process standardization and their distribution in different countries. Representatives of the to Huawei have demonstrated how operators can effectively use the available frequencies, while pursuing their business objectives.

LTE TDD allows sharing services such as video transmission, intelligent control systems, communication systems, voice conferencing service or time-sensitive applications. LTE TDD technology can also be used for the construction of the transmission network (backhaul) and local non-profit network (EU-funded municipal networks and communication networks for law enforcement officials – police and etc) for other access technologies, so it is extremely versatile and has a wide range of applications and potential business models.

“We are seeing rapid development of LTE TDD on a global scale. Market forecasts show that next year it will begin to be seen as a mainstream solution. For our region, the culmination of the interest in this frequency range is yet to come. Speed ​​commercialization of new frequency depends on both the maturity of the solution, as well as offer access terminal that operators can refer to subscribers. The rate of commercialization of new spectrum depends on the maturity of both the solution and the availability of terminal offers which operators can refer to subscribers. In the context of these processes, a meeting devoted to current trends in the field of LTE TDD, as well as prospects for the future is for us, as an organizer, and also the supplier of the technology, extremely valuable,” said Thomas Simonides, Wireless Product Manager at to Huawei.



Photo Credit: CCS Insight

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