MathWorks Presents LTE System Toolbox for MATLAB

MathWorks Presents LTE System Toolbox for MATLAB

Recently, a new LTE system tool which provides standard-compliant simulation, verification, and analysis of LTE and LTE-Advanced wireless communication systems and devices has been introduced by Mathworks, the leading developer of mathematical computing software. The toolbox is an extension to MATLAB and Communications System Toolbox and is intended for use by engineers who need to design or verify wireless systems conforming to the LTE standard.

The LTE System Toolbox provides standard-compliant LTE and LTE-Advanced golden reference models and test waveforms that help engineers:

  • Reduce risk: by providing confidence that designs conform to the LTE standard
  • Save time: by reducing in-house tool development requirements
  • Use engineering resources efficiently: by allowing engineers to focus on creating unique IP instead of creating reference models and generating test signals
  • Understand and reuse components: by facilitating understanding of the standard, design exploration, and reuse as components are developed and implemented

“As the market for LTE technology grows, engineers need to verify that their product designs conform with, or can co-exist with, the LTE and LTE-Advanced standard. In addition, because LTE is extremely complex and continues to evolve, very few companies have the resources or expertise to do this in-house. LTE System Toolbox will help teams to achieve standard compliance without a large engineering investment,” said Ken Karnofsky, senior strategist for signal processing applications, MathWorks.


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