Thuraya and SRT Wireless Launch the VIPturbo Module

Thuraya and SRT Wireless Launch the VIPturbo Module

Thuraya, the leading mobile satellite services, and SRT Wireless have announced the availability of the Thuraya VIPturbo module. Powered by SRT Wireless, VIPturbo module can serve as an engine of new broadband terminals for Thuraya satellite network.

Manufacturers can now integrate the VIPturbo module in new satellite terminals in order to reduce the time for R & D and production costs.

Thuraya‘s partnership with SRT Wireless demonstrates our commitment to collaborating with the industry’s leading developers to innovate the product development process. The VIPturbo Module enables our product developers to considerably shorten their product development process to produce high quality terminals at a lower cost. This will result in end-users having a wider variety of terminals to address their vertical sector needs,” said Randy Roberts, Vice President of Innovation at Thuraya.

Meanwhile today, Thuraya has also announced its sponsorship of Global Voices in recognition of the online community’s groundbreaking work with citizen media and user-generated content. The sponsorship was announced on November 15 at the annual Eurovision News Xchange conference in Marrakech, Morocco. Thuraya will be sponsoring the Global Voices’ online team with a Thuraya IP+ terminal which provides citizen journalists with quick and reliable access to broadband data services over Thuraya’s extensive satellite network.


Source: Business Wire
Photo Credit: Thuraya



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