China Mobile Launches The 5G Research

China Mobile Launches The 5G Research

During the 2014 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (MWC), the next generation mobile communications networks Alliance (NGMN) announced the launch of a global project for the 5G. NGMN board member and vice president of China Mobile Communications Corporation Zhengmao said China Mobile will fully support the 5G project development, and hope that through efforts to guide the industry 5G technology research and development and technical standards, continue to play a leading role in the field of mobile communication standards.

By the 19 leading international carriers CTO consisting of NGMN Board decided to focus future work on the end of NGMN requirements definition of 5G, but that the scope will be greatly exceed 5G wireless access layer. NGMN is launching a global project, the overall demand for the operator to make a definition, in order to better serve the consumer. NGMN will work into its existing processes described above, and with all industry partners, and other related projects in close cooperation.

NGMN 5G project will publish a White Paper on the industry before the end of 2014 to support the development of standardization and related work in 2020. The White Paper will clarify 5G challenging demands in technology and other ecosystems, and promote innovation and adoption of emerging technologies.

“NGMN was founded to promote the advent of early LTE commercial services. Now, we want to set the 5G goals, develop long-term success of the foundation for the industry,” said NGMN executive Peter Meissner.

Analysts pointed out that the three operators were involved in the development 5G; one for technology to keep up with the changing times, the second is faster than the demand for technological development.

Previously, the Ministry led the establishment of MG2020 advance group, officially launched the standardization work of 5G. It is understood that participate in the research and development work as well as 5G Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and other ministries.


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