Huawei Reached A Five-Year Agreement With Vodafone To Implement “Project Spring” in Europe and Africa

Huawei Reached A Five-Year Agreement With Vodafone To Implement “Project Spring” in Europe and Africa

Huawei, a leading global provider of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), today announced a five-year agreement with Vodafone to extend the Single Radio Access Network (SingleRAN) for Phase 1 of its “Spring Project” program globally.

Huawei will provide a number of projects to improve networks, including products and services for radio access networks of Vodafone in 15 countries among which are UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa, Mozambique, Lesotho, Democratic Republic of Congo and Ghana.

The projects will use innovative leading solutions SingleRAN industry and beamforming Active Antenna System to expand and strengthen Vodafone mobile coverage and improve the user experience and operational efficiency. The Huawei SingleRAN solutions will enable Vodafone to maintain wireless communication services on a single network infrastructure under multiple standards of mobile communication (2G, 3G and LTE), while the beamforming Active Antenna System will greatly simplify the deployment of antennas and improve performance of the data transfer.

“Huawei appreciates that Vodafone have trusted us for this global project. In recent years, along with Vodafone, we demonstrated the performance, reliability and efficiency from the solutions of Huawei SingleRAN. We look forward to working on this extension of our longstanding and strategic relationship, which reflects the growing demand for high quality of mobile broadband networks which we are experiencing globally, as 4G becomes more popular. We believe that our innovative technology will helps our customers to accelerate the transformation of mobile broadband service to both consumers and businesses,” said Eric Xu.


Photo Credit: Antonio E. Da Silva



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