Tooway Satellite Broadband

Tooway Satellite Broadband

Eutelsat has significant enhancements to its ‘flagship’ broadband service through Tooway satellite. New rates, more speed and Triple Play service, major developments!

In less than a decade, broadband has become an essential service, much like water or electricity. That said, it is surprising that in Europe a million people lack access to basic broadband, and over 27 million Europeans have it poorly.

This reality is compounded by the pervasive economic crisis, which reduces the cost of public investment dedicated to reducing the digital divide, which affects the economic and social development of many homes.

Tooway wants to offer an answer to all those users who are in areas with limited or no access to ADSL. In fact, Cirenei Alessandro, CEO of Skylogic (Eutelsat matrix) to southern Europe, is very clear that his service “is not for the ADSL” however does not limit its use for rural use, “ideal for Tooway all those who live in big cities belts. ”

In addition, following the successful launch of high-performance satellite KA-SAT, “the most powerful of its kind ever launched” Eutelsat’s offer has multiplied, with new fees, higher speed (reaching up to 18 Mbps) and top profiles consumption (with limits that reach 50 GB per month).

Thus, there are various offers: basic, with a speed of 2 meg downstream and one upstream (the company boasts one of the few who publish the upload speed because “is higher than those offered by the ADSL” ), 2 GB monthly usage limit and a price of 19.90 euros.

For 24.90 euros, you can hire a speed of 8 meg down, 2 meg upload limit set and 8 Gbytes. Tooway Offer Flat 12 has a speed of 12 megs down, 4 meg upload and 16 GB of monthly usage for 39.90 euros. Acquire Flat 18 Tooway plan to enjoy a descent speed of 18 megs, 6 megs up and 26 Gbytes consumption for a price of 54.90 euros. The most comprehensive differs very little of the latter, only in their monthly consumption, which rises to 50 GB at a price of 89.90 euros.

Cirenei remember that if a user exceeds the download limit, just “low speed in no time the connection is broken.” Furthermore, the possibility of buying additional packages. Asked about the average consumption of its customers, the manager noted that “in Germany about 13 Gbytes, while in Spain between 8 and 9 Gbytes per month.”

Furthermore, Tooway launches new triple play service that combines Internet, telephone and satellite TV. If your Internet connection claims to be the fastest of which are through satellite, receiving thousands of television does not influence the monthly consumption of Internet and VoIP telephony enables low cost calling to anywhere in the world.

The new Tooway services and rates will enable more than 40,000 households that until now could not access Internet through broadband gain immediate access to the network regardless of location. It is estimated that over half a million Spanish do not have access to broadband over 1 Mbps universal service offered by any terrestrial technology, so that the satellite becomes an effective option.

The latest generation Tooway service, which provides broadband services via KA-SAT, the most powerful satellite in Europe, now offers a new range of plans and rates (S, M, L and XL) with speeds discharge of up to 20Mbps and upload speeds of up to 6 Mbps, making it the broadband service faster satellite in Europe. The service works with a small dish of 77 cm and easy installation and a modem to connect to the KA-SAT satellite.

In addition, to meet the growing demand for downloading large files, Eutelsat offers unlimited data service, Tooway Absolute, for the first 20,000 customers throughout Europe. In addition, customers who subscribe to the service L and XL will also be entitled to totally free data usage at night, allowing them to download large files without affecting the performance of data during the day.

The service works with a small dish of 77 centimeters and easy installation and a modem to connect to the KA-SAT satellite. These enhanced Tooway packages are now available and will be marketed progressively Tooway distributor network.

Below is 2 videos on how to install the Tooway satellite broadband.



  • Hops

    I’ve had tooway for seerval months now with the 10 down 4 up service which they recently upgraded at no extra cost to your 18/6. I’m very pleased with it. Latency seldom a problem. And rain does not appear to stop play.