Net One New Pocket WiFi Modem Has 6 Hours of Battery Life

Net One New Pocket WiFi Modem Has 6 Hours of Battery Life

Net One, provider of Internet services in Angola, has launched a new portable WiFi modem which has 6 hours of battery life, enables you to share internet with a total of eight WiFi devices simultaneously, ensuring the lifestyle of every good adaptation one, due to its flexibility and ability to adapt to all situations.

In fact, the new device known as MUV ON, beyond its tiny size, and wireless technology, it has a rechargeable battery life of more than six hours and automatic installation, no software or drivers needed. The new modem can be customized with decals cases designated SKIN MUV, sold separately and still gives more style to MUV ON, which, according to the company, brings the concept of ‘fitting attitude’, being ‘cosmopolitan, trendy, emotional and seductive ‘.


According to the company’s Marketing Director, Flavio Bressan, the new star of Net One, replacing the existing Neon WiFi modem, enables customers with greater mobility for Internet access. This new device is very small, allows you to connect at the same time with your friends, colleagues or family with better performance and convenience at the same time. The MUV ON is ideal for working, studying and also for leisure time.

The company representative added that the MUV ON democratizes access to the Internet, to the extent that we can use it anywhere, either in the car or in an off-site meeting with anyone.

Coverage of the Net One, associated with the MUV ON are supported by Wimax technology, considered as one of the most advanced and modern in the world broadband market. This technology presents the main advantage being transmitted via radio waves, that is, without a cables. It is ensured merely by antennas installed at strategic points. One of the main applications of WiMax is the provision of broadband access, with guaranteed faster downloads, high-speed connection and clean.


Source: NetOne Telecommunications



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