Telstra WiFi 4G Advanced Device That Can Connect Up To 10 Devices Simultaneously

Telstra WiFi 4G Advanced Device That Can Connect Up To 10 Devices Simultaneously

These days keeping your laptop or tablet connected when your on the go has never been more important. However sometimes it can be hard to find and connect to a public WiFi spot or secure connection when you need it most.

With Telstra’s new WiFi 4G Advanced device, you can create your own personal WiFi hotspot allowing you to get your compatible tablet and laptop onto Telstra mobile network when you’re on the go.

This new addition to Telstra range of mobile broadband products can access the fastest speeds Telstra network can offer today. Plus, it has built-in technology to handle even faster speeds when these become available as Telstra further upgrade its network.

With a data usage meter and data usage alerts on the handy color display, Telstra have made it even easier for you to stay in control of your data use. As well as that, Telstra will send SMS alerts to your display within 48 hours of reaching 50%, 85% and 100% of your usage allowance.

This device also has a long battery life so you can enjoy up to 10 hours online to get you through the day without the need to recharge when you’re out and about.

Telstra is continually upgrading the performance of its network and the Telstra WiFi 4G Advanced device can access Telstra’s superfast 4G speeds, now capable of typical downloads speeds of up to 50 mbps in 4G coverage areas.

The Telstra WiFi 4G Advanced device operates across 3G and 4G, giving you access to the blazing speed of its 4G where it’s available, and automatically switching to Telstra fastest available 3G speeds when outside its 4G coverage areas, so you can be online in more places.

The Telstra WiFi 4G Advanced device also creates a hotspot that can now be shared seamlessly with more of your friends and family, allowing up to 10 WiFi devices to connect to the internet at the same time.

So now you and your friends and family can upload photos, shop online, write emails and watch YouTube videos in more places, with fewer interruptions on the network without equal, all connecting with the same WiFi device.

If you want more choice to connect your favourite WiFi devices and have a bigger online experience when you’re out and about, then check out the Telstra WiFi 4G Advanced device online or in a Telstra store today.


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