The 5G Internet Broadband Service All Over The World Soon

The 5G Internet Broadband Service All Over The World Soon

The 4G mobile connection is not even a reality for most Americans and, out there, there is talk of 5G internet ! The world of technology evolves at a speed hard to keep up with. As soon as one innovation comes to market, another even more impressive is already in development. When it comes to mobile browsing , it could not be any different! But it will take some time for her to reach the residences.

The Swedish company Ericsson (the same company that helped Sony produce smartphones for some time now) is currently testing a device capable of connecting to the internet through the 5G network . And what device would that be? No cell phone, tablet or computer ! It is a wobbly crate that, so large, needs a cart to be carried from one side to the other. But, of course, this just for now.

According to the company, the technology presented in the prototype already exceeds up to ten times the speed of a 4G connection , and can reach up to 2 Gbps per second . Just imagine all this power on your smartphone ! However, Ericsson wants more than providing high speeds for each user , it wants that with the launch of the technology it will be possible to have an even greater number of connected users without quality drops .

And how long until the 5G internet reaches the devices of the market? Do not wait for so soon! Ericsson estimates that the technology will only be available to the consumer by 2020 . Five years seems like a considerable time to reduce that to the point of fit into the most compact of smartphones, is not it? Meanwhile, 4G still has a lot to offer!

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